MXD70 Series - New Measurement Added

25 Aug 2011

The latest measurement parameter added to the MXD70 series is Suspended Solids. The Suspended Solids input card has been developed to work with a series of Quadbeam™ sensors to provide accurate and reliable measurement of Suspended solids and Turbidity.

The MXD70 is able to display the measured values in NTUs, FTUs, PPM, mg/l, g/l, %, EBC or OD to cover a wide range of Suspended Solids applications. The principle aim of the Quadbeam™ alternating light principle design is to improve the measurement reliability of optical turbidity and suspended solids instruments. By design, Quadbeam™ sensors automatically compensate for component ageing, sensor fouling and daylight interference. Different Quadbeam™ suspended solids and turbidity sensors are available for measuring a full scale range of 0-20 FNU/NTU/FTU through to solutions containing up to 8% solids.

New features include:

Linearization Curve Setup

With many solutions the rate of infra-red absorption is non- linear as the solids concentration increases. The purpose of this function is to take the probe signal values from several samples and convert the non-linearity to a straight line output. In many cases this is the only calibration procedure required. The MXD70 provides two methods for entering the curve data into the instrument - automatic and manual.

Automatic Curve Entry

Automatic Curve Entry allows the user to set the number of points used in the curve.

For each point it is possible to define the engineering value and equate it to a live reading taken from the sensor placed in the desired sample. Note that the points can be sampled in any order as they are sorted into ascending probe signal values within the software.

The MXD70 series multi-parameter instrument is available in panel and surface mount options with a user selectable combination of up to 3 sensor inputs installed in any combination chosen from the following parameters:

Contacting Conductivity, Electrodeless Conductivity, pH / Redox, Dissolved Oxygen. 4-20mA input and Suspended Solids.

The plug and play system of adding input and output cards together with an intuitive menu screen simplifies installation and operation.

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