CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) - LTH Electronics is still here for you!

24 Mar 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

You will all be aware of the developing global situation regarding the COVID-19 virus and hope under this unprecedented situation you are all keeping fit and well.

We wanted to reassure you that LTH Electronics has taken measures not only to limit the risk to our company, employees and their environment, but also to continue to be there for you.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, we have taken every measure to ensure we continually adhere to the advice provided by the World Health Organisation and UK Government on regular hand washing/hand sanitisation and disinfection of our work surfaces and equipment We will continue to follow the developments and daily guidelines issued.

Our manufacturing and all other parts of the business are running as normal with only some sales and service visits having been restricted or cancelled. We are receiving deliveries and despatching orders as normal.

Our internal sales & service personnel have been segregated to work from different offices to reduce direct and social contact and will continue to operate as normal.

We are in regular contact with our suppliers based in areas where the virus has had an impact on working conditions to find out the latest with regards to the supply of components and products from these companies.

As you can expect we are currently experiencing longer lead times on certain components and bare printed circuit boards. Where this is causing delays with production of our products, we are sourcing components from alternative suppliers where necessary to meet our customer’s requirements.

As with us all, we are constantly monitoring the ongoing situation and are committed to continuing our excellent service. However, should circumstances change, we will immediately update you.

We wish all our customers, suppliers and their families the very best and hope that together we can support each other to get through this extremely testing period.

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