Ultrasonic Level
Non-contact ultrasonic level measurement is a very flexible level measurement technology suitable for both liquids and solids measurement in storage or process applications.

An ultrasonic piezo-electric transducer mounted in the sensor body transmits a short sound pulse onto the surface of the liquid or product to be measured, which is then reflected back to the transmitter from the product surface.

The time taken is known as the ‘flight time’. The time it takes to travel from and back to the transducer is directly proportional to the distance travelled and is measured and calculated as a distance and processed into either a level or volume measurement.

Ultrasonic level transmitters feature signal processing software which can evaluate the echo signals received and determine which false signals from obstructions are; for example stirrer or mixing devices in the tank, and which are from the product level. Ultrasonic level transmitters are fitted with temperature compensation to reduce errors in measurement.

Applications for ultrasonic level measurement include:

Continuous level measurement or indication in process and bulk storage tanks
Level measurement and control in sumps and waste water tanks
Level indication in silos
Pump control in water treatment applications

Ultrasonic level measurement offers some advantages over other types of level measurement including:

Low cost
Installation, commissioning or replacement of the level transmitter without emptying the vessel
Suitable for liquids and solids
Calibration remotely via a PC without disturbing the installation
No contact with the product being measured
Low maintenance
Unaffected by product density and conductivity

LTH Electronics offer a range of ultrasonic level transmitters for use on liquid or solids in ranges of measurement from 0-5 metres up to 0 to 15 metres with programming either through the transmitter keyboard or remotely via a pc.

The ultrasonic level transmitters and sensors can also be used for open channel flow measurement in flumes and weirs.

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