Tank Gauging
Tank Gauging of liquid products in bulk storage tanks is of great importance to plant or refinery operators, managers and owners and knowing the exact quantity of bulk liquids in your storage tanks is part of their daily routine.

Chemical manufacturers and storage companies, oil refineries and terminals, food processing companies and dairies use bulk storage tanks for storage of liquid or products and require high accuracy measurement to control costs, detect leaks and loss of products and prevent overfill and spillage of valuable products.

Tank gauging should provide real time accurate information to improve productivity, increase safety, reduce overheads and the environmental impacts of spills and improve profits.

Two measurement methods can be used for tank gauging, Level measurement and Hydrostatic pressure measurement of a liquid column.

A hydrostatic pressure transmitter mounted near the bottom of the tank, measures the static head of the liquid produced by the height and product density of the liquid. The tank mass is calculated by multiplying the measured pressure by the equivalent area of the tank. The density may be calculated by adding a second pressure transmitter, at a known distance above the transmitter near the bottom of the tank and by adding a temperature sensor and transmitter. By measuring the pressure difference between the two transmitters and dividing it by the distance between the two transmitters the density at a monitored temperature between these transmitters is obtained. The temperature measurement is required for accurate calculation of the volume of liquid.

The level is calculated by dividing the pressure on the lower transmitter by the density and adding the distance from this transmitter to the bottom of the tank.
In non-atmospheric tanks, a third transmitter is needed, placed in the vapour space at the top of the tank to correct the aforementioned transmitters.

In many instances, temperature measurement and level switches are required. The range of Klay Instruments products that LTH offer include Hydrostatic level and pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters and sensors and level switches.

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