Suspended Solids/Turbidity
LTH Electronics Suspended Solids instruments combined with a series of Quadbeam™ sensors provide accurate and reliable measurement of Suspended solids and Turbidity.

A choice of dip sensors are available for continuous on line monitoring of suspended solids in industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants, mining and refining operations. Hygienic style sensors for installation directly into dairy, food and beverage product lines are also available.

These can be used in dairy factories to detect product loss, reduce waste, save money and prevent pollution. The sensors are also used in water, wastewater, pulp and paper and brewing applications.

The principle aim of the Quadbeam™ alternating light principle design is to improve the measurement reliability of optical turbidity and suspended solids instruments. By design, Quadbeam™ sensors automatically compensate for component ageing, sensor fouling and daylight interference. Different Quadbeam™ Suspended Solids and turbidity sensors are available for measuring a full scale range of 0-20 FNU/NTU/FTU through to solutions containing up to 8% solids.

Quadbeam™ sensors are designed to withstand the rapid temperature cycling which occurs during CIP cleaning cycles. The Hygienic sensors are 3A Sanitary standards accredited.

Standard immersion and hygienic sensors are rated to 85°C although special high temperature sensors rated to 105°C are also available.

The LTH monitors are able to display the measured values in NTUs, FTUs, PPM, mg/l, g/l, %, EBC or OD to cover a wide range of applications.

Applications for Suspended Solids and Turbidity measurements are detailed below:
• Return and waste sludge measurements
• Mixed liquor suspended solids
• Sludge blanket detection
• White water solids concentration
• Raw water turbidity measurement
• Final effluent monitoring
• Surface water monitoring
• Milk fat measurement in dairies
• Percentage solids in fruit juice
• Solids content in whey Product loss in dairy wash down drains
• Product breakthrough in heat recovery systems
• Yeast concentration in breweries
• Filter breakthrough monitoring
• Interface or phase transition between products
Industries that use LTH instruments and sensors in their waste water plants:
• Dairy, Brewing, Food and Beverage
• Waste Water
• Mining
• Chemical
• Industrial
• Environmental
• Mining and Quarries