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Flow measurement and control of liquids is one of the most important and frequently used measurements of chemicals, water or steam in industrial plants and processes.

Flow measurement can be used to ensure product quality and to optimize and improve processes. In some applications accurate flow measurement makes the difference between making a profit or losing money. Many process applications feed the output from a flowmeter into an automated system to control and regulate the flow of liquids.

LTH Electronics offer three different types of flow measurement equipment,
Ultrasonic for open channel flow measurement in flumes or weirs, Electromagnetic (Magflo) for the measurement of conductive liquids or slurries in pipes or non- intrusive time transit flow meters for in pipe measurement.

The Flowmeter is a compact Ultrasonic transmitter for open channel flow measurement. The Flowmeter has a 4-20mA output for instantaneous flow transmission, two relay outputs for impulses/ volume transmission and set point or diagnostic alarm functions and a MODBUS RTU output.

The Swing controller takes up to 2 sensor inputs, has 5 relay outputs and can display both the Instantaneous and the Totalised flow.

Both the Flowmeter transmitter and Swing controller are suitable for use with Venturi, British Standard or Parshall flumes and have pre-programed flume dimensions simplifying setting up procedures.

For in pipe measurement we can offer the SGM-100F and SGM-200H series of Time Transit flow meters which are suitable for conductive or non-conductive fluids which contain suspended solids. These can be used for Steel, Cast Iron or Plastic pipes and pipes lined with Cement, Rubber or Plastic.

The SGM-100F wall mounting flow meter can be used with Clamp on transducers or insertion type sensors offering accurate measurement in pipe sizes from DN15 to DN4000.

The SGM-100 series Wall mounting flowmeter and the SGM-200H portable flowmeter when used with clamp on transducers offer the great advantage of not having to install the transducers into the pipe making installation relatively simple as they can be fitted retrospectively without interrupting the process. This greatly reduces the installation costs.

The SGM-200H portable flow meter has a colour display and built in data-logging with simultaneous display of flow rate and cumulative volume data making it ideal for applications where temporary flow measurement is required and also to check the calibration and operation of fixed flow meters.

LTH offer a range of Electromagnetic flowmeters – The Pmag, Rpmag62 and Smag. These are suitable for use on liquids with conductivities greater than 5μS/cm even where suspended solids are present in the liquid. All versions are available as a Compact flowmeter or with remote mounting electronics. There are a choice of linings, electrode materials, power supply versions and output options to choose from to suit your flow application.

The RPmag62 is available in varying sizes from DN25 to DN1600. Both the Instantaneous and the Totalised flow can be displayed over a wide working range. Output options include 4-20mA, RS485, HART, Profibus DP or Modbus.

The Pmag Electromagnetic flow meter is suitable for use on conductive liquids in the temperature range of -20 to + 60°C and is available in sizes from DN10 to DN1000.
Output options include 4-20mA, HART or Modbus

The Smag Electromagnetic flow meter is suitable for use on conductive liquids in chemical, pharmaceutical and food applications and is available in sizes from DN10 to DN150. The Smag has a 304 Stainless Steel sensor body with a choice of DIN 11851 or SS304 Clamp flange process connections.

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Applications for Flow measurement include:
• Totalizing, displaying and recording
• Monitoring and control
• Dosing, Filling and bottling
• Batch Control
Industries that use Flow measurement include:
• Chemicals and petrochemicals
• Pharmaceuticals
• Food production
• Brewery, Dairy and Beverage
• Water Utilities
• Wastewater treatment
• Power Generation
• Pulp and Paper
• Shipbuilding
• Automotive
• Cement
• Mining and Aggregates