MXD70 Series – New Features
To enhance the performance and capabilities of the MXD70 series we have added a number of features and functions to enrich the operator experience and help the user to analyse and improve their process application.


Modbus RS485
The addition of Modbus RS485 allows the LTH MXD70 series to be easily integrated into the vast range of existing intelligent Modbus Devices and Networks. Modbus RS485 is provided using an additional output expansion card and can retro-fitted to existing MXD70 series instruments once the software has been upgraded to the current production version.

Data logging
This is an optional software function comprising of three main elements.

a) Three live trend screens showing the last 200 readings for two configurable values.

b) The logging of variable values and system state to the SD card as a csv file.

c) A historical trend screen showing the data stored on the SD card as a graphical trend.

The data logging functions are locked by default and may be un-locked at the factory or at a later

date with a unique code. For more details refer to the MXD70 Series Data logging data sheet.

The MXD70 Series features the ability to calculate a measurement from the input of multiple sensor channels. This result can then be used to activate the instruments set points / relays and drive the current outputs.

High Capacity SD Cards
The MXD70 series now supports SDHC and SDXC cards for data logging, back up, re-storing and upgrading of software.

Power Fail Alarm
By Selecting alarm in the set points input source the set point can be configured as an alarm output triggered by the unit losing its power. This holds the relay in a permanently energised state until the unit is powered down.

pH Resolution
A new range option which displays the reading to three decimal places i.e. 12.345pH

Channel Identification
It is now possible for the user to assign a tag or a process name to a measurement channel.
For example: Reactor

Auxiliary mA Input Card
The user can now define a measurement type for the mA input card.
For example: Flow

For full details on the capabilities of the MXD70 series please refer to the MXD70 series product data sheet at the following link:
MXD70 Series Data logging data sheet.