Level Measurement
Level measurement and control, data acquisition and monitoring are important for many products and processes in a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, storage and service industries. LTH supply a range of level measurement instruments for tank gauging control, level or distance indication and level detection.

We supply Ultrasonic, capacitance, vibration, hydrostatic, conductive, Guided Wave and Radar level instrumentation and sensors for industrial process applications.

The level transmitters can control the level in tanks, vessels, channels and silo’s to prevent over filling or spillage of products. They are suitable for liquids and aggressive chemicals, sludge and slurries and granular solids and powders. The transmitters provide an industry standard 4-20mA output as a level or distance signal.

The RPL series of Radar level transmitters are suitable for continuous non-contact level measurement applications for solids, liquid, pulps and slurries in applications up to 70 Metres with maximum operating temperatures up to 180°C and pressures up to 40 Bar. Different models are available with a threaded or DIN flanged process connection and a Rod or Horn antenna depending on the measurement range required.

The RWL Guided wave level transmitters are suitable for continuous level measurement of liquids and solids. They are not affected by changes in temperature, pressure, density, conductivity, vapours or dust. A choice of 4-20mA current output or HART protocol is available.

Ultrasonic level transmitters with Polypropylene bodies offer non-intrusive level measurement for aggressive chemicals, liquids or solids in applications where the temperature can be up to 80°C. Ultrasonic level transmitters can also be used for the measurement of flow in open channel applications. A choice of 4-20mA current or relay outputs or HART protocol are available.

Single and Multipoint Capacitance level sensors with rod or rope style sensors can be used for continuous level measurement or on / off control of liquids, granules or powders.

Sensors options include threaded, flanged or sanitary process connections and partially or fully insulated sensors with a choice of electrode materials.

Different electronic inserts are available for the capacitive sensors with 4-20mA, relay or RS485 outputs.

The RSL200 and RLS201 vibrating level switches with rigid or rope extension forks are suitable for powders and granules with maximum or minimum level control and either a relay or open collector output.

LTH Electronics also offer simple conductivity based liquid level controllers that have been designed to provide efficient and reliable level control of electrically conducting liquids.

The controllers are available in a choice of DIN Rail or surface mounting with the surface mount controller available as a single or dual Controller

A choice of flanged or threaded level probe electrode holders in PVC or Polypropylene with different Electrode rod materials.

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Applications that use LTH Electronics Liquid level control equipment:
• Tank gauge measurement in storage vessels, tanks and silo’s
• Level measurement in process vessels and reactors
• Differential level measurement
• Liquid, Granule and powder level indication
• Waste water plants
• Water treatment plants
Industries that use LTH Level measurement include:
• Dairy, Brewing Food and Beverage
• Cement
• Pharmaceutical
• Water Utilities
• Chemical
• Pulp and Paper
• Mining
• Environmental