Dissolved Oxygen
Dissolved Oxygen measurement can be applied in avariety of industries and applications where accurate measurement and control is required to improve and optimize processes. Dissolved Oxygen is a term used for the measurement of the amount of oxygen dissolved in a unit volume of water.

In fish farming the level of Dissolved Oxygen must be kept at a sufficient level or the fish will suffocate. Dissolved Oxygen measurement can indicate the condition of a river or reservoir and to control aeration equipment in a sewage works or wastewater treatment plant.

In sewage treatment, where bacteria is used to decompose the solids, it is important to accurately control the Dissolved Oxygen level as when the level is too low, the bacteria die and decomposition stops.

However in both of the above mentioned applications, when the Dissolved Oxygen level is too high, energy is wasted due to unnecessary aeration of the water but good accurate control of the aeration process can reduce running costs.

Other applications include cell culture in biotechnology where the precise accurate measurement of Dissolved Oxygen and pH measurement is important in costly research and production applications.

Dissolved Oxygen measurement is also used in fermentation processes in beer and wine production where the measurement and control of oxygen is required to maintain a quality product.

With industrial applications including boilers, the make-up water must have low levels of Dissolved Oxygen to prevent corrosion and boiler scale build-up which inhibits heat transfer.

LTH’s Dissolved Oxygen monitors have been designed to accept a range of Polargraphic and Galvanic sensors and combined with parameters such as membrane correction, bias voltage and temperature sensor type offer accurate measurement for a wide range of process applications.

We have a range of sensors suitable for applications where Steam in place (SIP) and Clean in place (CIP) processes occur with sensors available in different configurations for tank, pipe mounting and hygienic applications.

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Typical applications for LTH Dissolved Oxygen Instrumentation & sensors include: 
• Aeration monitoring and control
• Waste water treatment
• Fermentation and cell culture
Industries that use LTH instruments and sensors in their waste water plants:
• Biotechnology
• Pharmaceutical
• Landfill
• Water Utilities
• Fish farming
• Environmental