Ancillary Items
In addition to our portfolio of standard products we offer a number of ancillary items which complement the main line of products.

• LTH Electronics can supply custom instrument control panels, chart recorders, and data acquisition systems if required..

• Dosing pumps with outputs from 0-2 litres per hour up to 0-100 litres per hour, with a choice of liquid handling materials for different chemicals. For simple applications a series of on/off dosing pumps with manual flow rate adjustment are available, while a proportional metering series which dose proportionally to input pulses / signals for applications where greater accuracy and control is required can also be supplied.

• A range of polyethylene tanks from 50 litres to 1000 litres with single phase or three phase mixers / stirrers, chemical bunds and suction lances complete the dosing package.

• Solenoid valves and strainers, Water meters, PVC flow switches and Brominators are available for cooling tower and other water based control systems.

• Test and calibration solutions for conductivity, pH and Redox measurement with traceable certification to N.I.S.T. to ensure accurate measurement and confidence in your readings.

• Colour Coded pH buffer solutions with traceable certification for checking and setting up pH equipment.

• Redox calibration solutions in 500ml bottles for checking and commissioning of Redox instruments and sensors.

• Ready-made Conductivity standards with traceable certification come in a wide range of values from 1.3 µS/cm to 500,000 µS/cm.

• Electrode cleaning solutions to optimise the performance and extend the service life of your pH and Redox electrodes.

Please contact our sales department with your requirements.