Pressure Measurement
Pressure measurement is used in many industries for a wide range of applications on gases, liquids and vapours. As well as process and differential pressure measurement, pressure transmitters are also used for the measurement of level, volume or mass in all areas of process technology.

Pressure measurement can be defined as the measurement of the internal forces of a process vessel, tank, or piping caused by pressurized gas or liquid, can be for a static or dynamic pressure, in English or metric units, either absolute (total) or gauge (absolute minus atmospheric) pressure.

We offer the Klay range of transmitters for pressure and level measurement in industrial process applications. The Klay flush diaphragm technology offers many advantages for pressure measurement including:

316L Stainless steel Laser welded diaphragm
Hygienic design
Hermetically sealed
Flush with process
Standard polished finish – Ra<0.15µ
Built in temperature sensor
Active temperature compensation

The wave structure behind the diaphragm is equal to the diaphragm structure and provides good protection against overpressure and long term stability for accurate pressure measurement.

There is also the Peramic pressure measurement transmitter which is based on a ceramic pressure measuring sensor and is suitable for use on clean liquids, gases and vapours. This also has excellent over pressure capability and features active built in temperature compensation for accurate level measurement as well as gauge and absolute pressure measurement.

Industries that use pressure measurement include:

Dairy, Food and beverage
Pulp and paper
Water and waste water
Offshore, marine and shipbuilding

More than 60 different types process connections are available including hygienic, threaded and flanged to suit the different industrial requirements. All of the transmitters are supplied as standard with a compact and rugged Stainless steel enclosure. This makes them suitable for both CIP and SIP cleaning operations. Pressure transmitters with cooling fins are available for high temperature pressure measurement applications up to 180°C.

The Hydrobar series of submersible Hydrostatic pressure transmitters are available for level and pressure measurement in water and waste water applications in tanks, bunkers and wells

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