MXD70 Series
Instrumentation to meet your Process Requirements


The innovative MXD70 series of process instruments brings a new dimension to analytical process measurements with the modular design to meet ever changing process requirements.

MXD73 Compact 96 DIN IP66 Panel mount option
MXD75 IP66 Surface / Pipe mount version
33/4″ QVGA Backlit LCD display provides clear indication as single or multiple measurements
Parameters include: Contacting and Electrodeless Conductivity, pH / Redox, Dissolved Oxygen, Suspended Solids, Turbidity and 4-20mA Current Input
Up to 3 measured parameters with temperature readings can be displayed together
User selectable bar graph display option
Plug and play card detection for simple measurement and output expansion upgrades
SD card interface allows trouble free saving of configuration and simplifies software updates
Base models include 2 relay outputs and a single isolated 4-20mA current output
Can be expanded up to 6 relay outputs and 6 isolated 4-20mA current outputs
Relays are fully configurable including on/off, time or pulse proportional operation
8 Independent programmable digital inputs with user selectable operations
Dedicated error page provides up to date controller status
85-265v or 18-32v Supply options (AC or DC)
User configurable measurement channel identification tag

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