Cooling Tower Controller

Simple Intuitive Programming
Large Backlit Multifunction Display
IP66 Wall & Pipe Mounting Options
Water Meter Input, for Volumetric/Proportional Dosing
Measurement of Conductivity for Bleed Control
Measurement of Redox for Bromine Addition
Alternatively a pH electrode may be connected for Acid dosing control
Direct connection of all Pumps & Valves
Bleed Inhibit during and after dosing
Real Time Clock, for Timed Dosing
Optional 4-20mA current outputs for retransmission of Conductivity,
Redox & Temperature

Programming made easy
The MTD53MKII is a comprehensive Cooling Tower controller, which has all the functions, required for dosing and control of cooling water. It is able to directly control not only the bleed function, but also both inhibitor and 2 biocide chemicals. The MTD53MKII has a water meter input and is also able to directly measure both Conductivity and Redox, so dramatically reducing both purchase and installation costs. It is also possible to connect a pH sensor in place of the Redox sensor for controlling the pH level in the cooling tower for acid dosing control. The large backlit multi-function display guides the operator effortlessly through the structured programming procedure, reducing the need to refer to the handbook.

Using multi-level security access, the MTD53MKII has been designed with two levels of programme complexity, where day-to-day operator access can be limited to only the basic settings, while allowing full access to the instrument programmer. In the low-level access mode, only a few basic settings are used to configure and run the instrument. In the high-level access mode, all the options and functions, which you would normally associate with a high-end, cooling tower controller, together with some new innovative options, can be configured. Self-diagnostics provide the user with a series of text error messages, which are displayed when programming is incorrect, or if a sensor is not reading a sensible value.

Configuration data can be saved in one of two independent back-up locations, which can be used for fast reconfiguration, emergency restoration of settings, recovery after tampering by unauthorised operators, etc.

Flexible Control & Alarm Configuration
The MTD53MKII is able to provide very flexible control of the four main cooling tower functions from water meter, timed or direct measurement of Conductivity and Redox. As well as direct control of Bleed, Inhibitor and 2 Biocides, the MTD53MKII has an alarm relay to signal when outside intervention is required. The Bleed output can be triggered at a pre-set time, from a water-meter or from an inductive conductivity probe. The Biocide and Inhibitor functions can also be triggered at a pre-set time, from a water-meter or from the Redox measurement. These Biocide and Inhibitor outputs can be configured for either ON/OFF or pulsed pump operation. Each function is equipped with volt free relay contacts and power terminals, which gives maximum flexibility when connecting to the pumps, and minimises wiring.

Each output can be further configured in a number of ways, with individual Dose Alarm, Dose Duration, Output Pulse Rate, Bleed Inhibit and Pre-Bleed settings. To assist during installation and testing, each relay output can be activated manually. This allows manual dosing and bleed to be initiated from the front panel at any time The Alarm relay can be programmed to energise on a variety of different conditions, to indicate the instrument state to external systems e.g. Sensor Error, Dose Alarm. A non-volatile memory is provided for storage of current instrument settings. This allows the unit to recover, if a power failure occurs, without losing dose status information. The MTD53S3MKII Monitor is also available. This offers the additional feature of 3 x 4-20mA current outputs for re-transmission of the Conductivity, Redox or pH & temperature readings.

Measurement Inputs
The MTD53MKII is fitted with inputs for Conductivity and Redox or pH sensors to allow very precise control of the Bleed and Biocide dosing or Acid dosing control. An input for a water meter has been included to permit volumetric and proportional dosing and giving a ‘Total Water’ count. Interfacing to a wide variety of water meters is permitted by the inclusion of a user selectable ‘K’ Factor. The MTD53MKII is also provided with a battery backed Real Time Clock for the control of Dosing and Bleed. Timings are selected from a list allowing dosing from once every 5 Minutes to once a week.

Robust Construction
The unit is constructed of a durable polyurethane foam and sealed to IP66. This provides a rugged self-contained instrument with excellent chemical resistance. Cables can be fed in to the instrument via five IP66 sealed cable glands, and, if more glands are necessary, an expansion box can easily be fitted to the main enclosure giving up to 10 individually sealed cable entries.

A PVC mounting plate can also be supplied for wall mounting the MTD53MKII Monitor, the terminal expansion box, PVC tee assembly for the Conductivity & the Redox / pH sensor & flow switch.

A universal power supply allows a connection to any supply between 80 to 264v, AC or DC. An option for low voltage operation between 18-36v AC or DC is also available

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