Liquid Level Measurement
There are a range of measurement technologies available for liquid level measurement in tanks, vessels, rivers, streams and lakes. Level measurement can be continuous or point level measurement.

Continuous level sensors measure the level of fluids within a specified range and determine the exact amount of product in a tank or vessel as an example. Point-level sensors only indicate whether the substance is above or below a sensing or set point to indicate a high or low alarm situation, or to prevent over filling or spillage of liquids.

There are a number of variables that determines the type of liquid level measurement required for an application.

These can include: The type of product to be measured: is it water based, a concentrated chemical, fuel or solvent, a liquid or slurry
The process temperature and pressure,
The dielectric constant and density of the medium,
The tank or vessel size and shape.
What level measurement range do you need?
Is the liquid to be measured electrically conductive?
Will the liquid coat or build up on surfaces?
Does turbulence, foam, or vapour occur at the surface of the liquid?
Do you need contact or non-contact level measurement?
What outputs do you require from the level transmitter: analogue / 4-20mA, relay, digital etc.?
What is accuracy of measurement required,
How can the sensor be mounted: from the top of the tank or vessel?
Does it need to be a threaded or flanged or sanitary connection,
Is the tank sealed or open,
What is the tank or vessel constructed from
Are there any obstructions – ladders, stirrers or supporting framework inside the tank or vessel.

The types of measurement we offer for liquid level measurement include:
Guided wave radar
Hydrostatic pressure

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