Electrodeless Conductivity Transmitters

Designed for dairy, brewing, food and process applications
Two 4-20mA outputs and RS485 interface
3 line 12 character integral display
Fully configurable operation via Windows™ software
Measurement of conductivity, % solution concentration, salinity & temperature
IP66 stainless steel enclosure
Peek detachable Electrodeless conductivity sensor
Steam sterilisable to 135°c, thermal shock resistant
Fast temperature response t90 < 10 secs
Can be configured and calibrated before shipment

Low cost connection cable
Low voltage operation
Simple installation
A choice of sensor process connections

The IET40 series of transmitters sets new standards for the measurement of conductivity in process applications. The one unit measures conductivity over the range of 500 us/cm to 1,000ms/cm. Temperature is also measured to an accuracy of better than 0.2°C. The two measurements are combined within the transmitter and using WindowsTM software the 4-20mA outputs can be configured to measure in conductivity, % solution concentration, temperature, PPM or salinity. Alternatively a standard RS485 interface provides controlled access to all of the configuration parameters and measurements on-line. Operator confidence is boosted by showing the measured values and system status on the integral 3-line backlit LCD display.

View the sensor output. Note that the conductivity measurement with and without temperature compensation is transmitted, plus the temperature and one other user programmable parameter, in this case Sodium Chloride% NaCl. View both 4-20mA outputs with a continuous display of the transmitted current. Check the sensor configuration. View System Messages for communications, and sensor errors.

Load and save the transmitter configuration to and from a file on the PC.
Configure either of the 4-20mA outputs for:-
Conductivity, solution concentration, salinity, total dissolved solids, or temperature.
Configure the 4 and 20mA value.
Configure the digital output.
Conductivity and temperature data are always transmitted, plus one additional measurement such as concentration.
Set up the special range look up table for any
conductivity/concentration data.

Check each of the 4-20mA outputs’ operation, by forcing it to transmit a fixed current. This is very useful when commissioning a system or checking the calibration of devices connected to the transmitter. The sensor configuration and System Messages are displayed continuously.

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