Environmental Compliance
Environmental compliance is part of modern day life for many businesses with increasing legislation and environmental demands accurate measurement of effluent and waste water can help control the effect of industry on the environment.

As environmental laws get tighter, accurate measurement and control and recording or logging of process measurements becomes a necessity to prove compliance to local and national authorities. When there is a breach of environmental laws resulting in harm to wildlife and the environment significant costs are incurred by local authorities and environment agencies which can result in severe financial punishment for the business responsible for a discharge outside of their consent limits.

As businesses reduce the amount of maintenance staff and automate many factories system integration of process measurements and alarms is becoming more of a requirement to save money, reduce waste and prevent pollution. Process instrumentation and sensors must be correctly commissioned, maintained and serviced by trained and skilled operators to ensure companies can meet environmental compliance and reduce the effect of industry on the environment.

One frequently used measurement is pH measurement. It is possible to tell if the waste from a factory requires treatment before it can be discharged as a neutral solution minimising the effects of the waste on the environment and ensuring compliance with environmental legislation. By using LTH pH instrumentation and sensors for measurement and control it is possible to automate and improve the efficiency of a process enabling cost savings to be made and minimising waste.

Dissolved Oxygen measurement can be used to indicate the condition of a river or to control an aeration process in a sewage works or wastewater plant.

LTH now offer a range of suspended solids and turbidity sensors that provide consistently reliable results and are made for the rigours of life in a process environment. They can be used in dairy factories to detect a milk leak, reducing waste, saving money and preventing pollution as well as being used in water, wastewater, paper pulp and brewing applications.

Level and Flow measurement and control is important to many industries and can help to regulate the effect of pollution on the environment. LTH provide Ultrasonic, capacitance and Radar level instrumentation and sensors for level control of liquids and solids to prevent over filling and spillage of products.

The accurate measurement of flow in process applications can make the difference between making a profit and losing money. Another important aspect of flow measurement is the measurement of incoming water to factories and the amount of water and or waste being discharged.

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