Series PEEK™ Electrodeless Conductivity Sensors


Low Maintenance.
Hygienic, Inline, Dip and Tank Mounting Options.
Ideal for Brewing, Dairy, Food and Process Applications.
Conductivity and Solution Concentration Measurements.
Steam Sterilisable to 135°C, Thermal Shock Resistant.
IP67 Connection Simplifies Installation and Maintenance.
Fast Temperature Response t90 < 10 secs

The Electrodeless method of measuring conductivity has many advantages over conventional methods. In particular the sensors will operate with virtually zero maintenance and provide reliable measurements over extended time periods. The ECS40 sensors can be mounted inline, in a tank wall, large bore pipe or in an open tank using a variety of fittings. The option of several different hygienic flanges caters for the majority of applications.

The sensor is manufactured in PEEK™ a food grade material with excellent chemical resistance and high temperature performance. The construction of the sensor allows it to operate at 100°C continuously, withstand thermal shocks commonly associated with CIP applications and the sensor can be steam sterilised up to 135°C. The sensors are fitted with Pt1000 temperature sensors and are compatible with all LTH Electrodeless conductivity instruments. The temperature sensor is mounted in direct contact with the medium via a stainless steel jacket with an alternative PEEK jacket available for applications where stainless steel might be unacceptable. Connection is made via an IP67 plug which simplifies installation and maintenance.

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