Low Cost Insertion Conductivity Cells


Competitively priced
Integral connection cable
3 user selectable ranges
In line mounting

The CMC7 and CMC8 series of insertion conductivity cells are suitable for use in pure water measurement applications where cost and size are important factors.

The principle advantage of this type of construction is that the cell constant is not affected by sample volume or the proximity of any pipework. The conductivity cells can be supplied with traceable certification. The CMC7 conductivity cell is moulded in epoxy resin with three impregnated graphite electrodes and is fitted with 6 metres of connection cable. The CMC8/001/PT43 conductivity cell is injection moulded in Polypropylene and uses two stainless steel coaxial electrodes and has a cell constant of K=0.0135. The cell is supplied complete with an integral 2 metre or 10 metre connection cable and features built in PT1000 temperature compensation. This cell is suitable
for use on low pressure, low temperature pure water applications.

The CMC8/01 and CMC8/10 insertion conductivity cells are injection moulded in Polypropylene with 2 impregnated carbon electrodes and are supplied complete with either a 2 metre or 10 metre integral connection cable. The CMC8/01 and CMC8/10 conductivity cells are non-temperature compensated cells and can be supplied with a 0.5″ BSP tee as the constant is affected by sample volume. The CMC8/01 conductivity cell has a cell constant of K=0.1 and 2 protruding electrodes. The CMC8/10 conductivity cell has a cell constant of K=1.0, flush electrodes and is suitable for conductivity readings up to 1000 mS/cm. The cells require no initial or periodic calibration and the only maintenance required is to keep the electrode surfaces clean.

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