Series Conductivity cells


IP66 Quick release connector simplifies installation & maintenance
Available with or without built in temperature compensation
Choice of Cell constants 0.01, 0.1, 1.0 & 10.0
Dip, Pipe & Tank mounting options available

The CMC30 series of conductivity cells incorporate a quick release IP66 connector that simplifies installation, maintenance and fault finding.

The construction of the cells is extremely rugged making the cells suitable for industrial applications. The cells require no initial or periodic calibration and usually the only maintenance required is to ensure the electrode surfaces are kept clean. The CMC32/10, CMC32/100, CMC34/10, CMC34/100 and CMC36/10 conductivity cells consist of 3 Graphite electrodes cast into an epoxy resin body which electrically isolates a precise volume of liquid. This ensures that the measured conductivity is not affected by the sample volume and proximity to pipes or tank walls. The CMC34/001 and CMC34/01 cells have electrodes of Stainless Steel and are intended for use in low conductivity applications. The construction of these cells permit use up to 130°C and 10 bar pressure.

All of the conductivity cells can be supplied with cell constant certification if required

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