High Temperature Insertion Conductivity Cell


High Temperature Insertion Conductivity Cell
Suitable for high temperature, high pressure applications
0.75″ BSP process connection

The CMC14/10 insertion conductivity cell has been designed specifically for use in boiler blowdown applications to monitor the total dissolved solids directly without the need for a sample cooler. The design of the CMC14/10 insertion conductivity cell is extremely rugged and therefore suitable for industrial applications. The principal advantage of this construction is that sample volume or the proximity of any pipework does not affect the cell constant.

The CMC14/10 conductivity cell has a 0.75″ BSP male process connection and a cell constant of K=1.0. Connection is made via an IP66 plug that simplifies installation and maintenance. The cells require no initial or periodic calibration and the only maintenance required is to keep the electrode surfaces clean.

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