A Golden Corporate Celebration
On the 19th of June 2017, LTH Electronics Ltd proudly celebrated 50 years of manufacturing instrumentation and sensors for water quality and process measurement and control.


LTH Electronics were formed on the 19th June 1967 in Luton England with the LTH coming from the initials of the surnames of the three founding directors. Initially manufacturing a range of industrial level controllers that operated on the principle of electrolytic conductivity the product range soon increased with the addition of conductivity instrumentation and sensors, followed by pH and Redox (ORP) instrumentation and sensors. Other measurement parameters Flow, Electrodeless or Inductive Conductivity, Turbidity and Suspended Solids, Pressure and temperature have become an integral part of the product range.

We attribute our success to an innovative way of thinking, sound business acumen, endeavouring to support our customers and distributors to the best of our abilities and a loyal, hard working group of employees. We extend a big thank you to our employees, customers, distributors and our suppliers, for helping to shape our successful past and future. Whether you have been with us for many years or only for a short time, we appreciate your faith in us and we look to the future with optimism.