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At LTH Electronics you will find experts in liquid measurement that can provide you with intelligent liquid measurement systems for applications that require accurate and reliable process control and measurement. We offer the right liquid measurement instruments, measurement sensors, advice for all your requirements worldwide.

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About LTH Electronics

We offer a range of Contacting and Electrodeless (Inductive) Conductivity, pH, Redox (ORP), Dissolved Oxygen, Suspended Solids, Turbidity, Level, Flow, Pressure and Temperature instrumentation and sensors for many industrial applications. Customer support and Service are an integral part of our business development and growth with a range of services to assist customers including planning, installation, commissioning, training, troubleshooting, maintenance and calibration to traceable standards all part of the comprehensive package we can offer.

Through innovative thinking and continuous investment in research and development LTH strive to offer the best service and solutions to meet customers demanding applications with specialist knowledge and more than 50 years of experience to solve their process problems. LTH are an ISO9001:2015 registered company offering a 3 year warranty on all of our instrumentation. We market, distribute and support our products globally through a network of LTH trained distributors ensuring our customers have competent experienced specialists serving and supporting them.

Product categories

In addition to our portfolio of standard products we offer a number of ancillary items

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Dissolved oxygen measurement can be used to indicate the condition of a river or to control an aeration process in a sewage works or wastewater plant

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Electrodeless (inductive) conductivity sensors for harsh process applications in the dairy, brewery, food, chemical and metal finishing industries

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Flow is an important and frequently used measurement of chemicals, water and waste water in industrial plants and processes

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Level measurement instruments for tank gauging control, level or distance indication and level detection of liquids, solids and powders.

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pH is a frequently used measurement in process control as many chemical reactions rely upon the pH of a process being maintained at the correct value

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Flush diaphragm transmitters with a wide range of process connections for pressure measurement of fluids, pastes and sludge

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Temperature measurement is the most frequent type of instrumentation found in industrial process applications

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LTH’s instrumentation combined with a Quadbeam™ sensor provides accurate and reliable measurement of suspended solids and turbidity

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Conductivity can be used to measure the quality of water that has undergone a purification process

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After-sales support and customer service is an integral part of LTH’s intelligent measurement solution. It is LTH’s intention to develop a close and continuing relationship with its customers throughout the entire product lifecycle.

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